One Piccadilly

One Piccadilly is arguably the most prestigious development of Gulberg Greens. It is designed to international standards primarily for overseas Pakistanis.


Piccadilly Courtyard

Piccadilly Courtyard is a mixed-use six-story development with commercial spaces and residential apartments. Piccadilly Courtyard is situated on the main dual carriageway in Phase 7 (Spring North).

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Piccadilly Courtyard

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Our attention to detail, creative architecture, robust engineering, exquisite finishing and most importantly in-time delivery puts us miles ahead in the construction industry.

As contractors and developers, we specialize in creating and delivering international standard projects in Pakistan. We practice exclusively in Commercial and Residential properties; we work in close partnership with our customers to create and deliver their dream space.

We at my4walls are passionate about quality rather than quantity, Owing to this passion we make sure to use the highest quality material and incorporate the finest elements in all our buildings. In the construction industry the need and demand for differentiated design, quality and craftsmanship has been immense in Pakistan. my4walls is dedicated to catering this demand. All our buildings have a unique design which is reminiscent of high-class exquisite architecture.

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my4walls is a construction company, envisioned and established by an engineer in 2008 in London, UK. After successfully completing and delivering several projects in London, we strongly felt the need to bring this international expertise back home to Pakistan.

We at my4walls focus primarily on customer needs and expectations. Our uniqueness factor is that like our primary customers we ourselves are also overseas Pakistani’s who returned back to Pakistan. We rightly understand and listen to what our customers want and we aim at building utmost trust in our product and services.

In 2019 we successfully delivered the most prestigious development of Gulberg Greens, Islamabad:“ One Piccadilly” – a seven storey magnificent building designed around Victorian Architecture that exudes class and character. The project is highly regarded throughout Islamabad for its finesse, attention to detail and character. The project was completed on
time and exceeded our client expectations, who are mostly based overseas.

We have just launched our new project “Piccadilly Courtyard” in Bahria Town, Phase 7, Islamabad. This beautiful design is based around modern Islamic architecture with an elegant ‘Courtyard’ right in the centre of the building. With only 19 residential apartments and a handful of commercial spaces, Piccadilly Courtyard will truly be a choice and abode of a selected few.

We want to continue to serve our customers with best in class customer service as well as international standard designs and architecture. Our upcoming project Piccadilly Courtyard is a symbol a beautiful blend of modern design & traditional Islamic architecture. In future, we aim to deliver even more beautiful unique architectures with high-end amenities, so that when our customers come back home to Pakistan they will not miss their international standard homes abroad.

We have two clearly defined AIMS: Firstly, to employ and train the brilliant youth of our nation and get theme to aim high, to dream big, to innovate and deliver using modern construction techniques. To give dignity and respect to our labours and workers and provide them with skill sets they need and look after their needs. And Secondly, we continue with our mission to provide a HOME to all those who are looking to rekindle that link with our beautiful Pakistan.

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Omar Shad

Managing Director

Hamza Adeel

Projects Manager

Sara Zahid

Senior Marketing Manager

Shahzaib Ullah

Senior Project Engineer

Gohar Afridi

Senior Project Engineer

Afaq Ahmad

Asst. Manager Finance & Accounts

Danish Raza

Accounts & Admin Officer

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