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Pakistan has achieved steady growth since 2013 in the aftermath of a credit facility agreement with the IMF. Economic growth was estimated to have fallen to 3.3% in 2019 from 5.5% a year earlier and 0.7 percent below IMF’s previous estimate. This was mainly due to measures taken by authorities to counter macroeconomic imbalances. Growth is expected to slow further to -1.5% in 2020 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and pick up to 2% in 2021, according to the updated IMF forecasts from 14th April 2020.

There are tremendous opportunities to invest in Pakistan for the high returns. Below are the top sectors to invest in Pakistan.

Real Estate

Buying property, specially buying land is the most common practice in Pakistan when it comes to investing money. As per market, this is the safest option to secure your investment. People usually buy land as property and overtime they sell it on higher prices as the property price increases overtime in Pakistan.

Keep an eye on market price of properties and follow property related new here at my4walls blogs and you can also consult newspapers. So, why invest in real estate?

  • Safe Investment
  • Prices increases overtime
  • Excellent return on investment (ROI)

Acquiring property through installments or loans can also be considered as real estate investment. Also, consider investing in flats, shops and houses as these assets provide great resale values compared to just land.

Stock Market

Pakistan Stock Market is an emerging market in the world and is considered as one of the most suitable for investments. Investing in stock market is risky but there is usually a high return if someone understands the market.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about stocks, you can hire a broker from the security company from where you got the trading account. The broker will do the trading on your behalf. In stock market there is short term and long term trading of shares and the average stock return is likely 10%.

Banking & Other Investments

Investment in Banks and in other investment companies is for the low investment business opportunities. Almost all the banks in Pakistan provide opportunities to open a saving account of different types and earn an annual income of 7-12% on the invested amount.

Other than banks, there are several reputed investment companies who offer the same or better investment returns than banks.

Do some research both on banks and investment companies and choose the one which suits you better.


Investment in prize bonds is another safe and secure way to invest money. The government issues treasury bonds worth hundreds to thousands and return on these bonds is pretty high if your bond wins the lucky draw. If not, you can take the cash back by depositing the bond back to the bank.


Buying gold is another fruitful investment now a days. The gold prices are increasing day by day and there is no chance in the near future that the prices will come down fast. Gold can generate maximum return in a short and long period of time if you study the gold market trends, both local and international.

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